Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A Message From A Tree Frog

Penelope Smith, an Animal Communicator Specialist from California, spotted one day a tree frog on her doorstep. It seemed as if the frog wanted to come in. Penelope picked him up to take him back to the bushes to let him go. "Come on, time to go!" The frog wouldn't leave. Instead he faced her and Penelope knew that he wanted to communicate something. His message was very powerful in its simplicity. This is what she heard:


And she felt his connection with all the amphibians, frogs and salamanders, all around the globe. He was speaking for them, and she knew that he wanted her to tell people what he said as often as she could.

When he was finished with his message she put him down and away he went.

15 years have passed since this communication from a tree frog...

Penelope Smith tells this moving story on her tape "The Healing Power of Animal Communication", which was part of her lecture given at the San Francisco Whole Life Expo on October 15th, 1994.

Penelope Smith is called a grandmother of Animal Telepathic Communication. I attended her Basic Workshop in Sweden in 2000.

Her website is http://www.animaltalk.net/.

Something which happened very recently in Greece did remind me of Penelope's story.

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