Monday, 21 June 2010

Prayer of Protection for Mother Earth - Solstice 21 June 2010

This is the angelic view of Mother Earth, overlaid by the four most powerful symbolic systems of protection:

1. The Quaternary: The Four Archangels guarding the four axes of Mother Earth.
2. The Circle: The One, All is One
3. The Triangle: The Trinity Masculine God self, and Trine Goddess Feminine
4. The Double Infinity: "Violet Flame" of spiritual evolution of humankind.

I received a Newsletter from Pea Horsley, Professional Animal Communicator at, asking everybody to start sending A Prayer of Protection for Mother Earth on 21st June 2010, which is a World Peace and Prayer Day.

Pea has said that an urgent plea has come from the White Lion Ancestors for the protection of Mother Earth through to Linda Tucker of The Global White Lion Protection Trust. Linda Tucker reintroduced the White Lions to their homeland in South Africa.

As millions of gallons of crude oil contaminate our oceans in the worst human- induced 'natural' disaster, a message has come through from the White Lion Ancestors: to unite our intention for the protection of Mother Earth and her most precious resource: Water.

Please begin this prayer on June Equinox (or as soon as possible if you can't make it then). And continue this prayer, every day until the positive outcome of the oil spill: with the following words:

"God bless Great Mother Earth, and all those who love, nurture and cherish Her."

Copy and laminate the above map, so that you can perform the following daily ritual.

Prayer for the Protection of Mother Earth
Solstice - 21 June 2010

Place a glass of the purest water available to you over the representation of Mother Earth, and put a droplet of your saliva on your finger then into this water, while holding your intention of loving protection for Mother Earth, her precious creatures, and all-important water systems.

(For those not aware that water is telepathic, kindly familiarize yourself with the water experiments of Dr Masaru Emoto et al).

Change the water in the glass daily, but hold your intention and prayer constant.

The message from the White Lion, the White Buffalo and the other 'prophetic animals' of our time is one and the same: Humankind must unite spiritually at a time of ecological and psychological crisis on Earth to bring about a positive solution.

If you have received this after the Solstice, please commence it immediately.

Feel free to share this message with all you can, together with the Mother Earth map. Reproduce, and distribute, freely. Copyright released.

(Original Angelic Map of Mother Earth is taken from Linda Tucker's new book, "Mystery of the White Lions", Hay House, 2010).

Thank you for uniting in loving protection of our Great Mother...

In love and unity,
Linda Tucker

*100s in captivity. Their genetics modified. Technically extinct. 2 Prides in their natural habitat *

PO Box 858
S.Africa 1380
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